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Heat Shrink Tubing

Common in the manufacture of electronic components and in a variety of electrical applications, heat shrink tubing is an essential element of production in many industries. Tarunsika, Inc. provides heat shrink tubing in a number of standard and custom materials and sizes.

  • Standard heat shrink tubing sizes, materials, and colors
  • Custom heat shrink tubes produced to your exact specifications
  • Quality heat shrink tubing for electronic, electrical, and other uses
  • Pricing advantages on both standard and custom heat shrink tubing orders
  • A global network of heat shrinkable tubing manufacturers and vendors
  • Completely custom configurations: material, size, and color to spec
  • The right heat shrink tubing at the right price: 100% satisfaction

To see some of the many heat shrink tubing options available through Tarunsika, check out our gallery. To find the right heat shrink tubing for your needs, contact Tarunsika today. We offer top quality at competitive prices-it doesn't get better than that.