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Forged Parts: Hot and Cold Forgings

Tarunsika, Inc. has a global network of partners skilled in a variety of fabricating methods, including cold forming, hot and cold forging, and machining. These partners are also versatile when it comes to material, handling virtually any metal.

  • Custom cold-formed, hot-forged, cold-forged, or machined products
  • Partners with state-of-the-art cold-forming machines and processes
  • Bronze, copper, brass, aluminum, and other metals or materials
  • Competitive prices on cold-forming, hot/cold forging, and machining solutions
  • Cold-formed, hot/cold-forged, and machine parts exactly to spec
  • The highest quality parts available from around the world
  • Complete customer satisfaction: quality custom parts at good prices

Our gallery showcases products we've procured for our clients using cold forming, hot and cold forging, and machining processes. If you need forged, machined, or cold-formed custom parts, contact us today and let us help you find them at the right price.